DIY Overview

Do It Yourself (DIY) Program Overview

The Kansas City BMW Club’s DIY program allows club members to become more familiar with their vehicles – whether experienced or not!  The chapter holds DIY tech sessions throughout the year and the program provides access to tools, equipment, and know-how that might otherwise not be available to the individual.  Typically, there are several Kansas City club members available to assist when you need an extra pair of hands.  Each club tech session will have a DIY coordinator onsite to oversee and assist when needed.  Are you new to the hobby or have no experience working on cars?  Please join us!

Our DIY tech sessions are held at DIY Auto Repair in Olathe, KS.  DIY Auto Repair provides much needed access to vehicle lifts, and certain general special tools in a climate controlled environment.  Our events could not be possible without their generous support, and the time donated by our volunteers.


Registration is required for our DIY events and will be held via the Motorsportreg website.  When registering, you will be asked to identify the job you are planning to perform, the vehicle you will be working on at the event, and any special tools necessary (if known).

The DIY coordinator will review your registration and work with you to schedule your session as well as assisting in identifying any special tool requirements.  The coordinator may also offer suggestions regarding the length of time a job might take.


Any fees due for the use of the lifts, bays, and other services at DIY Auto Repair will be payable directly to DIY Auto Repair.  Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted at DIY Auto Repair.  While attending a KC BMW Club tech session, DIY Auto Repair offers discounted fees to club members.


Please be sure that any parts necessary for your session have been acquired prior to the event.


Session times for participants are assigned by date/time of registration as well as expected time necessary to complete the proposed job.  Participants must arrive prior to their scheduled session – and we highly recommend that all participants arrive prior to the beginning of the event.  Please note, the DIY coordinator may need to rearrange the schedule for a variety of reasons – please be understanding.  On the day of the DIY session, if space and time are available, we may allow “walk-up” registrations.


The Kansas City BMW club is currently working to establish a club toolbox of special BMW specific tools necessary to complete work on a variety of BMW’s.  As we have more details about this program, we will be providing more information about this exciting program.  Please note, tools will only be available for use by club members in good-standing.